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Zebra RFID Reader

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  1. Zebra MC3390xR RFID Reader
    Part #: | SKU: ZEBmodel-20206

    Introducing Zebra's MC3390xR Integrated Long-Range UHF Handheld RFID Reader that brings a new level of efficiency to inventory management, order fulfillment and more. The MC3390xR has superior RFID read performance, range, and an integrated NFC reader boost task speed and ease of use. The MC3390xR is the only device in this class to offer Android 10, which is the most powerful version of Android yet. The MC3390xR has a linear polarized Yagi RFID antenna for long range use cases. The MC3390xR features standard- and extended-range 2D data capture, with an RFID read range of ~60 ft. Workers can easily capture all the right barcodes on numerous labels, all with one press of the scan trigger. The MC3390xR offers a 5 ft./1.5 m drop specification and with IP54 sealing, it can handle splashing liquid and dust. The device is one of the lightest UHF RFID readers in its class and is built for easy one-handed use, whether workers are right- or left-handed.
  2. Zebra FX9600 RFID Reader
    Part #: | SKU: ZEBmodel-17561

    Zebra Technologies is pleased to announce the introduction of the industrial-class FX9600 UHF RFID Reader. This reader is the next generation of Zebra's industrial Fixed RFID Reader and will serve as the direct replacement for the Zebra FX9500.
  3. Zebra FX7500 RFID Reader
    Part #: | SKU: ZEBmodel-15449

    Ever wished you could minimize the gap between your technology dream and its reality? Everything about the FX7500 is designed to get your RFID plan off the drawing board and into your business environment, without delays, complications or unexpected costs.
  4. Zebra MC3330xR RFID Reader
    Part #: | SKU: ZEBmodel-20828

    The Zebra MC3330xR is packed with features to bring a new level of efficiency and accuracy to inventory and asset management applications. You get the same proven lightweight ergonomic design and superior RFID read performance with the most powerful and secure Android architecture. The ultra-powerful processor, integrated NFC reader and 35% larger capacity battery boost task speed and ease of use for the Zebra MC3330xR. Additionally, you can create intuitive Android applications that use the MC3330xR's powerful computing platform, large touchscreen and physical keypad. The Zebra MC3330xR is the next evolution in handheld RFID readers.
  5. Zebra RFD40 RFID Reader
    Part #: | SKU: ZEBmodel-20631

    Gain the edge you need with Zebra's RFD40 UHF RFID Standard Sled. With the RFD40 Sled, decrease cycle counting time with more tag reads per second, take inventory faster or locate critical assets and patients with ease with the ultra-accurate item-finder mode and a tri-function trigger, and adapt to new and emerging technologies with the state-of-the-art sled that connects to the latest eConnex-enabled Zebra mobile computers. The dependable RFD40 Sled has a 5-foot drop to concrete specification and 500 cycle 0.5 meter/1.6-foot tumble specification to replicate real world knocks and bumps. With an IP54 sealing for dust and water protection, the RFD40 Sled supports the demanding needs of your workplace.
  6. Zebra RFD90 RFID Reader
    Part #: | SKU: ZEBmodel-21568

    The Zebra RFD90 Ultra-Rugged UHF RFID Sleds, which build on the RFD40 sleds, feature an ultra-rugged form factor with dual IP65 (spray)/67 (full submersion) sealing and six-foot / 1.8-meter drop specifications that can withstand virtually any environment, breaking the boundaries of traditional RFID use cases. All Zebra RFD90 Sled models include Bluetooth 5.3 for optimal device connectivity and industry-first integrated Wi-Fi 6 for device management over the air (OTA). The RFD9030 has a circular polarized antenna that can read RFID tags up to 22 feet away, while the RFD9090 uses a long-range, linear polarized, yagi-style antenna that can read RFID tags up to 75 feet away. The SE4750MR standard range scan engine or the SE4850 extended range scan engine are available on both the RFD9030 and RFD9090.
  7. Zebra ST5500 RFID Reader
    Part #: | SKU: ZEBmodel-17962

    With Zebra's advanced FX7500 Fixed RFID reader and pre-configured ST5500 antenna, you can track inventory as it moves through your entry/ exit points in your facilty to better track location and prevent theft.
  8. Zebra RFD40 Premium/Premium Plus RFID Reader
    Part #: | SKU: ZEBmodel-21413

    Zebra's RFD40 UHF RFID Premium and Premium Plus Sleds have industry-first Wi-Fi 6, allowing for easy over-the-air (OTA) device management. Zebra eConnex-enabled devices, such as the TC21/26, EC50/55, and future models, may be connected to the RFD40 UHF RFID Premium and Premium Plus Sleds in seconds. With an industry-best 1,300+ tag readings per second, optimized read range, tri-function programmable trigger, increased battery capacity, and an amazing ergonomic design, you can cut cycle-counting time in half. Gain the edge and efficiency you need with Zebra's RFD40 UHF RFID Sleds.
  9. Zebra RFD2000 RFID Reader
    Part #: | SKU: ZEBmodel-17727

    The RFD2000 was built with store associates and shoppers in mind. Simply slip Zebra's TC20 mobile computer into the RFD2000 sled to add powerful UHF RFID capabilities. Superior ergonomics and a compact, lightweight design bring comfort even to inventory management tasks.
  10. Zebra SP5504 RFID Reader
    Part #: | SKU: ZEBmodel-17964

    Zebra's FX7500 and the SP5504 POS antenna are designed to log items passing through POS lanes or will call areas in your warehouse or manufacturing facility. With a tight read range, it can cover small areas without risking interference. This can improve accuracy and alerting potential theft.

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