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  1. Microcom 814M (Ethernet and USB) Receipt Printer
    Part #: | SKU: MICmodel-634986

    Meet the Microcom 814M Thermal Kiosk Printer, an ideal solution for high-traffic environments requiring reliable and efficient printing. Engineered for various applications such as wayfinding, retail, and boarding passes, the 814M excels in delivering high-speed, high-quality prints. The 814M features versatile connectivity with both USB and Ethernet ports, ensuring seamless integration into your existing systems. The 814M's durable design includes advanced capabilities like a heavy-duty cutter and a presenter/retractor, making it perfect for unattended operations. Experience the convenience and performance of the Microcom 814M, tailored to handle your most demanding printing tasks.
  2. Microcom 814M (Serial and USB) Receipt Printer
    Part #: | SKU: MICmodel-634987

    Introducing the Microcom 814M Thermal Kiosk Printer, your go-to solution for high-speed, reliable printing in busy environments. Perfect for applications such as inventory management, healthcare, and transportation, the 814M supports full-page A4 and Letter size printing on continuous roll media. With robust features like an industrial-strength cutter, presenter/retractor, and versatile Serial and USB connectivity, the 814M is designed for seamless, unattended operation. Experience the durability and efficiency of Microcom's latest addition, ideal for any high-traffic, high-volume printing needs.
  3. Microcom 315M Receipt Printer
    Part #: | SKU: MICmodel-634988

    Introducing the Microcom 315M Thermal Kiosk Printer, the ultimate solution for efficient and reliable receipt printing in self-service environments. Designed to cater to a variety of applications, from gaming and healthcare to retail and transportation, the 315M combines ease of use with robust performance. Its compact size allows for seamless integration into any kiosk, while features like automatic paper loading and an industrial strength cutter ensure hassle-free operation. With its high-speed printing capability and cost-effective design, the Microcom 315M is perfect for businesses looking to enhance customer service and streamline operations.
  4. Microcom 485T Barcode Label Printer
    Part #: | SKU: MICmodel-634989

    The Microcom 485T Ticket Printer is the ideal choice for high-demand ticketing environments such as live events, box offices, and transportation hubs. This industrial-quality thermal printer is designed to handle everything from single tickets to large batch printing with ease. Its compatibility with most ticketing software ensures a smooth integration process. The robust metal case and industrial-strength print mechanism make the 485T suitable for even the toughest environments, while its ability to print on various ticket styles and widths eliminates the need for changing existing ticket stock. Enhance your ticketing operations with the reliable and versatile Microcom 485T.
  5. Microcom 485TC Barcode Label Printer
    Part #: | SKU: MICmodel-634990

    Introducing the Microcom 485TC Ticket Printer, the compact powerhouse designed for any box-office or ticketing application. This industrial-quality thermal printer handles both single tickets and large batches effortlessly, ensuring fast and reliable performance every time. It supports various ticket styles and widths, making it easy to integrate with your existing stock and ticketing software. With features like Ethernet connectivity, a 3-inch touchscreen display, and the largest flash memory in its class, the 485TC is built for efficiency and convenience. Upgrade your ticketing system with the Microcom 485TC for seamless, high-speed printing.
  6. Microcom 485TM Receipt Printer
    Part #: | SKU: MICmodel-634991

    The Microcom 485TM Thermal Kiosk Printer is an advanced solution designed for a variety of high-demand applications, from ticketing to retail. This high-speed printer is engineered to deliver exceptional performance with minimal downtime, featuring an industrial-grade design and robust print mechanism. Its compact footprint and 4-inch wide printing capability make it a versatile choice for any kiosk environment. With features like Ethernet connectivity, remote alerts, and a long-life print head, the 485TM offers reliability and ease of maintenance. For businesses seeking a cost-effective yet powerful printing solution, the Microcom 485TM stands out as a top contender.
  7. Microcom Tx3 EXP RFID Printer
    Part #: | SKU: MICmodel-634992

    The Tx3 EXP RFID Label Printer from Microcom sets a new standard in RFID label printing. Engineered for high performance, this printer boasts a print speed of up to 12 inches per second and a resolution of 300 dpi, making it perfect for fast, accurate printing in high-demand environments. Its full-color capacitive touchscreen display and ZPL emulation ensure easy operation and integration. With adjustable sensors, multiple interface options, and support for a wide range of RFID encoding standards, the Tx3 EXP is an essential tool for meeting the rigorous demands of modern retail RFID mandates.
  8. Microcom 360C Barcode Label Printer
    Part #: | SKU: MICmodel-634993

    Introducing the Microcom 360C, your go-to solution for vibrant, high-quality ticket and label printing. With its cutting-edge CMY color printing capability, this laser printer brings your designs to life with stunning full-color images, all at a rapid 6 inches per second print speed. Say goodbye to long waits and hello to efficient, on-demand printing for event tickets, product labels, horticultural tags, and more. Designed for ease of use and longevity, the 360C features easily replaceable parts and cost-effective toner cartridges, ensuring consistent top-tier performance for years to come. Take control of your printing needs with the Microcom 360C and impress your guests while saving time and money.
  9. Microcom Receipt Printer
    Part #: 010005-1000 | SKU: MIC755289

    Receipt Printer - Microcom 814M - Kiosk Thermal Printer - USB - Ethernet - 300 dpi - 4 ips - Media Detection Sensor
    Price: $1,550.00
  10. Microcom Receipt Printer
    Part #: 010004-1000 | SKU: MIC755290

    Receipt Printer - Microcom 814M - Kiosk Thermal Printer - Serial - USB - 300 dpi - 4 ips
    Price: $1,438.89

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