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Datalogic Barcode Scanner

Datalogic Barcode Scanners are ideal for the manufacturing, healthcare, transportation & logistics, retail, and services industries. A Datalogic scanner has a reputation for being durable, reliable, and high performing. Datalogic’s focus on data capture has enabled them to be a leader in corded, cordless, presentation, and in-counter/grocery scanning. Check out our full line of Datalogic Scanners below or call one of our experts to request a volume discount.

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  1. Datalogic PM9600 Barcode Scanner
    Part #: | SKU: model-21719

    Depending on your application, the Datalogic PowerScan 9600 2D Barcode Scanner provides three performance levels. The Standard Range variant has a single camera for capturing low density 1D and 2D codes that are within conventional reading ranges. Choose the High Performance reader with dual cameras for reading at a greater distance. Finally, the Document Capture model, which is exclusive to Datalogic, will capture color photos for quality control or signature validation. The 9600 Series, like all Datalogic scanners, offers mild white light illumination and a successful ''Green Spot'' for a successful read, even on damaged or dirty barcodes, all at an affordable price for handheld scanners.
  2. Datalogic PowerScan PBT9501 Barcode Scanner
    Part #: | SKU: model-20653

    Datalogic's PowerScan PBT9501 rugged barcode scanner can support multi-code features as well as pick mode where only the barcode pointed at by the aiming system is decoded. The PBT9501 is Bluetooth enabled, and it also boasts 3-second battery replacement with its single or multi-slot battery charger, guaranteeing continuous operation without interruption. The PowerScan PBT9501 reader has been tested to withstand extreme environmental conditions and is also suitable for the toughest industrial applications. It can read codes from contact to over 1 m / 3.3 ft, depending on the bar code resolution.
  3. Datalogic PowerScan PM9501 Barcode Scanner
    Part #: | SKU: model-20654

    Datalogic's PowerScan PM9501-AR is a cordless, rugged, auto-range barcode scanner with extra long barcode scanning capabilities on 1D/2D barcodes. This scanner offers two display options: 4 configurable keys and a full 16 key keyboard. This PM9501-AR scanner that is able to read any kind of barcode, regardless of the orientation, from contact to over 1.0 m / 3.3 ft, depending on the barcode resolution. The PM9501-AR uses a soft-pulsed white illumination light that is very gentle on the eyes and less straining for the operator during scan-intensive applications.
  4. Datalogic PowerScan PD9531 Barcode Scanner
    Part #: | SKU: model-19169

    The Datalogic PowerScan PD9531 is a dependable corded 2D imager that is ideal for applications like warehouse, logistic centers, and manufacturing plants. This rugged 2D scanner was crafted to improve efficiency while reducing costs, so it can read any kind of barcode regardless of orientation. The PowerScan PD9531 2D barcode scanner is available in 2 different models to meet the needs of each customer. With wide angle capture, you can us the PD9531 to scan a range of barcodes in your daily operations.
  5. Datalogic Gryphon GBT4500-HC Barcode Scanner
    Part #: | SKU: model-19318

    The GBT4500-HC Healthcare bar code scanner from Datalogic is designed specifically for the healthcare industry. This cordless scanner provides extended mobility and is ideally suited for stationary applications in administration, laboratory, and hospital environments with its disinfectant ready enclosures that are treated with anti-microbial additives to help fight against germs. State-of-the-art 2D bar code capturing makes the GBT4500-HC stand apart. Improve the quality of patient care while reducing medication dispensing errors with the cutting-edge GBT4500-HC.
  6. Datalogic Gryphon GM4500 Barcode Scanner
    Part #: | SKU: model-18211

    Datalogic brings you the GM4500, the latest in the popular Gryphon Series of handheld scanners. Datalogic brings you the GM4500. The GM4500 is perfect for general purpose applications, and it was crafted with an omnidirectional imager that allows for quick scanning on all common 1D and 2D barcodes. This scanner will bring your operation an innovative, contactless, wireless charging system that enhances the reliability of the entire solution. With either Bluetooth wireless technology or Datalogic's STAR cordless system, the GM4500 provides maximum flexibility to any end user application.
  7. Datalogic Powerscan PBT9100 Barcode Scanner
    Part #: | SKU: model-17154

    The PowerScan PBT9100 linear imager is a cordless device offering state-of-the-art performance in an industrial product and features standard Bluetooth wireless technology. This linear imager introduces Datalogic"s innovative new scanning technology, implementing a green scanning line which has the same definition of a laser beam with all the benefits of a linear imager.
  8. Datalogic PowerScan PM9100 Barcode Scanner
    Part #: | SKU: model-17156

    Datalogic's new PowerScan PM9100 scanner includes the innovative green 'laser-like' acquisition system, based on a trailblazing miniaturized scan engine with superior 1D decoding capability. The PM9100 reader features Datalogic's exclusive 3GL (3 Green Lights) system for superior good-read feedback. Additionally, the PM9100 offers scalable solutions and network connections combined with seamless roaming for complex installations. The PM9100 scanner has been tested to withstand extreme environmental conditions and is suitable for even the toughest industrial applications.
  9. Datalogic QuickScan QBT2131 Barcode Scanner
    Part #: | SKU: model-14863

    The QuickScan I QBT2131 imager by Datalogic features an extra-wide field of view and extra-long scan line makes reading long barcodes at closer distances much easier. The sharp and highly visible scan line of the QuickScan I QBT2131 makes it more user-friendly to use, while the enhanced depth of field enables bar codes to be read at an intuitive distance. This scanner boasts a stylish design that is the signature of the QuickScan series. The QuickScan I QBT2131's Bluetooth wireless technology is key in increasing productivity and flexibility in the workplace.
  10. Datalogic Gryphon GM4200 Barcode Scanner
    Part #: | SKU: model-19791

    The Datalogic Gryphon 4200 series introduces you to a premium range of 1D handheld scanners. The GM4200 1D scanner has been engineered to deliver a top-of-the-line reading performance. Narrow band radio communications with Datalogic?s STAR Cordless System set the GM4200 apart. Ideal for handheld reading, the GM4200 utilizes motion-sensing technology, which detects the natural actions of the operator to automatically switch the scanner into the ?ready-to-read? scanning mode. This scanner also has the ability to capture barcodes from near to far, to read both high-density and low resolution codes, to decode hard-to-read, poorly printed or damaged codes and to easily read barcodes from mobile devices simplifies all applications.

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