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NCR Barcode Readers, Receipt Printers & Point of Sale Systems

NCR helps their customers transform transactions into relationships and use information more effectively and dynamically to make smarter business decisions faster since the very beginnings of the company in 1884. NCR technology has evolved from the world's first cash registers to the retail systems, ATMs, Teradata data warehouses and IT services of today. NCR's central mission is to use innovative technology imaginatively to solve our customers' business problems. NCR Readers, Printers & Point of Sale Systems logo

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Photo of RealPOS XR7 Point of Sale Touch Computers RealPOS XR7
As low as $1,400.20
The NCR RealPOS XR7 is available with either a 15" standard format or 18.5" widescreen touch display. This flexible platform makes it an ideal choice for use as either a POS or a kiosk and its versatile design lets you assist customers just about...

Photo of RealPOS 40 Point of Sale Touch Computers RealPOS 40
As low as $996.60
Today's dynamic retail market demands innovative point-of-sale (POS) solutions that incorporate the latest technologies while providing outstanding value for your business. The NCR RealPOS 40 is reshaping point of sale with a breakthrough design...

Photo of RealPOS 7167 Printers RealPOS 7167
As low as $370.30
The NCR RealPOS 7167 is capable of printing 50 lines per second and producing a record of the transaction in less than a fraction of a second. This speed and methodology presents the opportunity to improve the presentation of store receipts for...

Photo of RealPOS 7197 Printers RealPOS 7197
The NCR RealPOS 7197 features high speed, high resolution and two-color printing options. It is spill-resistant and designed to increases overall uptime. Single-button programming to simplify usage and also local or remote diagnostics for any...

Photo of RealPOS 7198 Printers RealPOS 7198
As low as $323.90
The NCR RealPOS 7198 takes thermal printing into the next generation with the expansion of two-sided thermal receipt printing technology. By simultaneously printing on both sides of the receipt, you can improve your operational efficiencies, promote...

Photo of RealPOS High Performance Bi-Optic Scanner/Scale Readers RealPOS High Performance Bi-Optic Scanner/Scale
As low as $729.10
The NCR RealPOS High Performance Bi-Optic Scanner/Scale leads the way with superior operational performance. This scanner features NCR"s Optical Effects Technology (OFX) in a cutting-edge design that drives more scan lines at greater lengths and...

Photo of RealPOS Low Profile Bi-Optic Scanner/Scale Readers RealPOS Low Profile Bi-Optic Scanner/Scale
As low as $738.80
With its compact, low-profile footprint, this scanner/scale is ideal for space-constrained checkouts and seated cashier environments. The NCR RealPOS Low Profile Bi-Optic Scanner/Scale incorporates NCR"s Optical Effects Technology (OFX), featuring a...

Photo of RealPOS Single Window Scanner Readers RealPOS Single Window Scanner
As low as $355.90
The NCR RealPOS Single Window Scanner offers the highest performance available in its class, and with a compact size its perfect for mid to high volume transaction environments. Also, with an industry-standard footprint, and available vertical and...

Photo of RealPOS Presentation Scanner RealPOS Presentation Scanner
With new barcodes being deployed every day, including GS1 DataBar, NCR RealPOS Presentation Scanner keep you in the game. The NCR RealPOS Presentation Scanner offers a versatile solution that"s flexible enough for any retail space, bringing high...

Photo of RealPOS 15 Touchscreen Displays RealPOS 15
The full-size graphical display allows you to present a scrolling receipt with detailed transaction data as well as advertisements, personalized product promotions and loyalty information to enhance the customer shopping experience. With the...

Photo of RealPOS 60 Point of Sale Touch Computers RealPOS 60
The ever-evolving retail market requires advanced point-of-sale (POS) solutions to improve consumer interaction at the heart of retail, the point of service. The NCR RealPOS 60 enables you to empower store associates and deliver an enhanced consumer...

Photo of RealScan 78 Readers RealScan 78
As low as $835.00
The RealScan 78 High Performance Bi-Optic Scanner/Scale leads the way with superior performance, reliability, and investment protection. This scanner features NCR's Optical Effects Technology (OFX) in a cutting-edge design that drives more scan...

Photo of RealScan 74 Readers RealScan 74
The RealScan 74 Low Profile Bi-Optic Scanner/Scanner is designed to provide best-in-class performance, usability and flexibility for retailers around the world. With its compact footprint, this scanner/scale is ideal for space-constrained checkouts...

Photo of RealScan 79 Readers RealScan 79
The NCR RealScan 79 Bi-Optic Imager reads 1D, 2D and Mobile barcodes fast and efficiently. This all-imaging scanner not only provides high performance imaging, but offers you the ability to go beyond the barcode with features like NCR's ScanCoach...

Photo of Real POS XR5 Point of Sale Touch Computers Real POS XR5
As low as $1,591.60
The NCR RealPOS XR5 is an energy efficient, fanless, multi-touch, point-of-sale terminal packaged in our stylish X-Series all-in-one design. The XR5 is powered by the latest Quad core Intel Celeron processor-based system-on-chip technology to give...

Photo of RealScan 84 3D Printer RealScan 84
As low as $346.00
The NCR RealScan Single Window Scalelets you use a simple, all-in-one compact scale in areas where a traditional bi-optic scanner and scale may not fit. This scale is a "perfect fit" with NCR's RealScan 84 Scanner and makes weighing even your...

Photo of RealPOS XR3 Touchscreen Displays RealPOS XR3
NCR's RealPOS XR3's sleek new design is ideal for just about any retail environment. The bezel-free projected capacitive display supports 10-point multi-touch and does not require calibration. A resistive touch display is also offered.

Photo of RealPOS XR8 RealPOS XR8
As low as $1,234.00
NCR's RealPOS XR8 is built to last with a rugged housing that provides tool-free front access for servicing. The compact design will fit into virtually any retail environment whether it's used under a counter, on the counter, or with a peripheral...

Photo of RealPOS XR4 RealPOS XR4
The NCR RealPOS XR4 offers flexibility and efficient performance at a value price. This fan-less, modular POS terminal offers unique front access cable connections to simplify installation and services, and its compact design conserves valuable...

Photo of RealPOS XR6 RealPOS XR6
As low as $1,032.20
The RealPOS XR6 is ideal for virtually any retail checkout environment. Combine it with one of NCR's extensive family of displays, scanners, and other retail peripherals to create any customized POS solution that your retail environment needs.

Photo of RealPOS XR7 Plus RealPOS XR7 Plus
As low as $1,921.10
The RealPOS XR7 Plus is sleek, modern with a slim profile, and a zero-bezel design. Powered by 6th generation Intel Core processor technology, an energy efficient powerhouse to deliver the highest level of performance and investment protection.

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