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Metrologic Barcode Readers

Metrologic Scanners are manufactured by Metrologic Instruments, which designs, manufactures barcode scanning equipment incorporating laser and imaging technology for retail and commercial scanning applications. All Metrologic scanners read Code 93 symbology. Metrologic Readers logo

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Photo of MS3580 QuantumT Readers MS3580 QuantumT
As low as $252.10
The Metrologic MS3580 QuantumT is a compact, durable, accurate, and reliable omnidirectional laser barcode scanner, fully enclosed with a protective exterior boot. Featuring an optional single line scanning mode, the MS3580 QuantumT allows...

Photo of MS3780 Fusion Readers MS3780 Fusion
As low as $197.80
The MS3780 Fusion has a primary 20-line omnidirectional scan pattern that allows for aggressive scanning of barcodes in any orientation or with a push of a button can switch to a targeted single line for menu scanning. This feature of the MS3780...

Photo of Voyager Series Readers Voyager Series
As low as $113.80
The Metrologic Voyager Series offers high performance scanning, a futuristic design and a more intuitive scanning system than other scanners. Choose the Voyager Series for the extensive connectivity options, the ease-of-use friendly to both...

Photo of MS9520 Voyager Readers MS9520 Voyager - 5 Year Warranty!
As low as $113.80
The MS9520 Voyager can be used as both a handheld and fixed projection scanner. The MS9520 Voyager is packed with all of the same features as the MS9540, with the exception of CodeGate. All units feature a five year warranty.

Photo of MS9540 Voyager Readers MS9540 Voyager - Top Seller!
As low as $116.50
The MS9540 Voyager features Metrologic's proprietary CodeGate. CodeGate is an intuitive scanning system that is ideal for all scanning applications, including menu-scanning, Point-of-Sale, document processing, and inventory, just to name a few. All...

Photo of MS9590 Voyager GS Readers MS9590 Voyager GS
As low as $123.60
As the newest addition to the industry-leading Voyager series, the MS9590 VoyagerGS features a new ergonomic design that maximizes comfort and reduces fatigue for customers desiring a trigger-activated, handheld laser scanner. This new form factor...

Photo of MS9590i Voyager GS Readers MS9590i Voyager GS
The Metrologic MS9590i Voyager GS handheld laser scanner delivers a rugged and reliable solution for scanning all standard 1D barcodes in challenging environments. The MS9590i Voyager GS incorporates reinforced housing which is ideal for...

Photo of MS5145 Eclipse Readers MS5145 Eclipse
As low as $84.80
The Metrologic MS5145 Eclipse is a single-line, handheld laser scanner. Equipped with Metrologic's patented CodeGate, the MS5145 Eclipse can be used in a wide variety of applications. CodeGate allows the user to easily target the desired...

Photo of ScanPal 2 Mobile Computers ScanPal 2
As low as $777.60
The Metrologic ScanPal 2 is a light-weight, portable data collection terminal, designed for all-day, everyday use. The compact design allows the user single handed operation, ease of use, and durability. The Metrologic ScanPal 2 contains an...

Photo of MS7120 ORBIT Readers MS7120 ORBIT - Top Performer
As low as $223.90
Meet MS7120 ORBIT! MS7120 ORBIT is small in size, but BIG in performance. MS7120 ORBIT is Metrologic's first Point-of Sale barcode scanner to utilize holographic technology to precisely focus the scanner's laser and therefore increase...

Photo of MS7180 OrbitCG Readers MS7180 OrbitCG - Top Performer
As low as $259.60
MS7180 OrbitCG from Symbol Technologies provides a stylish solution for omnidirectional and menu-scanning applications where counter space is at a premium. In the event of a change in POS system or software, MS7180 OrbitCG easily updates firmware...

Photo of MS7580 Genesis Readers MS7580 Genesis
As low as $275.80
Everything about MS7580 Genesis, from its single-board construction to its carefully calibrated stand tension, speaks to the elegance and attention to detail associated with our ELITE brand. Delivered in a stylish, full-color package, Genesis...

Photo of MS7600 Readers MS7600
As low as $480.00
Horizon is Metrologic's next generation in-counter laser barcode scanner. This compact, hands-free scanner is designed with a dense 20-line omnidirectional scan pattern that helps provide fast, efficient throughput with a high first-pass...

Photo of MS7820 Solaris Readers MS7820 Solaris
As low as $361.80
MS7820 Solaris Solaris aggressively scans high-density codes (five mil) and fits easily into any existing enclosure found in small-item, high-volume retail environments. It is designed for a variety of retail environments, including convenience,...

Photo of MS2320 StratosH Readers MS2320 StratosH
As low as $950.30
The Metrologic MS2320 StratosH is a high performance 6-sided, bioptic scanner-scale for seated and space constrained checkout environments. The MS2320 StratosH features a patented modular design that provides ease of setup and maintenance ensuring...

Photo of MS2400 Stratos Readers MS2400 Stratos
As low as $844.20
The MS2400 Stratos maximizes return on investment with two analytical tools for tracking, managing and improving checkout productivity and efficiency.The MS2400 Stratos's advanced scanning technology increases rapid pass-through scanning...

Photo of IS3480 QuantumE Readers IS3480 QuantumE
As low as $279.90
The Metrologic IS3480 QuantumE is a combination omnidirectional and single-line laser barcode scanner. The omnidirectional scan pattern offers outstanding scan performance on all standard 1D barcode symbologies, including RSS. The...

Photo of IS4225 Readers IS4225
As low as $176.30
The Metrologic IS4225 is a durable, lightweight, wearable automatic single-line 1D barcode scanner. It improves productivity by increases scanning flexibility. The IS4225 increases scanning mobility by mounting the scanner to the back of...

As low as $221.10
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