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Honeywell Mobile Computers

Honeywell is a leading manufacturer of handheld computers. The Honeywell handhelds come equipped with some of the best laser and imager-based scan engines for fast and accurate scanning. Their rugged design has earned them IP ratings that are among the best in the industry. Additionally, they come in various form factors, including phone-sized, full-sized, gun, sled, and wearable, while appeasing both Windows and Android-based software platforms. Check out our full line of Honeywell handheld computers below or call one of our experts to request a volume discount.

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Top Honeywell Mobile Computers

All Honeywell Mobile Computers

Photo of Captuvo SL42 Sled Mobile Computers Captuvo SL42 Sled
As low as $344.50
Honeywell Scanning and Mobility's Captuvo SL42 Sled enterprise enabled sled for the Apple iPhone 5G empowers mobile workers by enabling them to engage more closely with customers and increase conversions at the point of decision. Compatibility with...

Photo of Dolphin 99EX Mobile Computers Dolphin 99EX
As low as $722.20
Designed with input from leading companies in the transportation and logistics sector, the Honeywell Dolphin 99EX mobile computer provides a rugged solution that increases productivity by connecting enterprises, front-line workers and customers...

Photo of Dolphin 99GX Mobile Computers Dolphin 99GX
As low as $2,179.40
Purpose built for transportation and logistics applications, Honeywell"s Dolphin 99GX mobile computer with an integrated handle provides user-friendly ergonomics, cutting-edge wireless technology, multi-functional data capture and extreme durability...

Photo of Dolphin 99EXhc Mobile Computers Dolphin 99EXhc
With the introduction of the Dolphin 99EX mobile computer, Honeywell Scanning & Mobility has provided cutting-edge wireless technology, user-friendly ergonomics and multi-functional data capture to customers worldwide. Following in that same pattern...

Photo of Marathon Mobile Computers Marathon
As low as $1,572.40
The Honeywell Marathon field computer introduces a new form factor in mobile computing, with a larger screen size and greater computing power than a PDA, smaller size than a laptop, and multiple data-capture and connectivity options. Taken together,...

Photo of Symbol Replacement Batteries Symbol Replacement Batteries
Save money on spares and replacement batteries with high-quality Symbol Replacement Batteries from Honeywell.

Photo of Hand Held Replacement Batteries Hand Held Replacement Batteries
Save money on spares and replacement batteries with high-quality Hand Held Replacement Batteries from Honeywell.

Photo of Intermec Replacement Batteries Intermec Replacement Batteries
Save money on spares and replacement batteries for your Intermec scanners and mobile printers with high-quality Intermec Replacement Batteries from Honeywell.

Photo of Datalogic-PSC Replacement Batteries Datalogic-PSC Replacement Batteries
Save money on spares and replacement batteries with high-quality Datalogic-PSC Replacement Batteries from Honeywell.

Products and parts from Honeywell.

Photo of Dolphin 60s Mobile Computers Dolphin 60s
As low as $839.60
Dolphin 60s, a part of Honeywell"s scanphone line, was specifically built to facilitate quick, reliable and secure access to business critical data. With real-time voice communication and data collection, this multi-purpose device will deliver...

Photo of Dolphin 6110 Mobile Computers Dolphin 6110
As low as $1,017.40
Designed with ergonomics in mind, the Dolphin 6110 is the perfect companion for any workforce that needs reliable. advanced data collection and real-time wireless communication. Improve productivity with a mobile device designed for data collection.

Photo of Dolphin 75e Mobile Computers Dolphin 75e
As low as $1,041.70
Designed to deliver significant operational gains and flexibility for the enterprise, the Dolphin 75e handheld mobile computer is ideal for enterprises that need a single device for diverse workflows. Offering unparalleled versatility and...

Photo of Dolphin CT50 Mobile Computers Dolphin CT50
As low as $1,060.70
Frontline employees who need to portray a cutting-edge image to customers can capitalize on the modern all-touch interface offered by the Dolphin CT50 mobile computer. Featuring a sleek, pocketable design and tested to withstand the rigors of field...

Photo of Captuvo SL42 for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Sled Captuvo SL42 for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Sled
As low as $672.20
For enterprises looking to extend the capabilities of the Apple iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus, Honeywell"s Captuvo SL42 enterprise sled transforms the popular smartphone into an enterprise ready solution that speeds business agility and lowers total...

Photo of Dolphin CT50h Mobile Computers Dolphin CT50h
The Dolphin CT50h clinical smartphone features a quad-core processor and more memory, which means applications will run faster. Battery performance is critical to keeping your care team focused on patients, so the Dolphin CT50h clinical smartphone...

Photo of CN75e Mobile Computers CN75e
As low as $2,513.20
The Honeywell CN75e mobile computer offers the versatility companies demand, providing the choice of a Windows or Android operating system on a single device to meet changing enterprise business demands. The no-compromise design is powered by a 1.5...

Photo of CN75 Mobile Computers CN75
As low as $1,861.60
The Honeywell CN75 mobile computer offers the versatility companies demand, providing the choice of a Windows or Android operating system on a single device to meet changing enterprise business demands. The no-compromise design is powered by a 1.5...

Photo of CK75 Mobile Computers CK75
As low as $2,118.30
Smaller and lighter than others in its ultra rugged class, the CK75 mobile computer is optimized for warehouse and distribution environments with premium, industrial grade materials and next-generation features for maximum business agility.

Photo of ScanPal EDA50 Mobile Computers ScanPal EDA50
As low as $698.40
The ScanPal EDA50 enterprise hybrid device combines reliability and usability to provide mobile workers real-time visibility to business-critical information. Easy to use, with a built-in barcode scanner. Access, capture and send information right...

Photo of Dolphin 6510 Mobile Computers Dolphin 6510
As low as $1,279.70
The Dolphin 6510 is a lightweight, versatile mobile computer providing advanced data collection and real-time wireless communication for in-premise applications in retail and light-industrial supply chain environments. Built to resist damage from...

Photo of Dolphin 75e Wearable Dolphin 75e Wearable
As low as $2,473.10
The Dolphin 75e mobile computer comes with purpose-built wearable accessories and provides a new approach to enabling hands-free operations. The large display and flexible touchscreen keypads allow much more user-friendly applications to be...

Photo of Dolphin CT60 Dolphin CT60
As low as $1,566.00
The CT60 is packed with features to keep workers connected and productive all day long. The industry-leading advanced network connectivity facilitates large file transfers, video streaming, and quick remote access to business applications with...

Photo of CK3X Mobile Computers CK3X
As low as $1,472.40
The Honeywell CK3X comes with a choice of integrated area imagers for standard range or near/far range scanning. These imagers provide unsurpassed scanning performance on 1D and 2D barcodes and are particularly well-suited for reading poor...

Photo of CN51 Mobile Computers CN51
Enterprises with large, geographically dispersed workforces need adaptable network coverage. The CN51 answers the call with its voice-capable Flexible Network Radio (in North America), allowing the same device to operate on either CDMA or UMTS...

Photo of Dolphin CN80 Dolphin CN80
As low as $2,119.80
The Dolphin CN80 device offers both a large 4.2-inch vivid color touchscreen and a choice of numeric or QWERTY keypad, allowing users to pick the best input method for their environment today, and also be ready for the touch-centric applications of...

Photo of ScanPal EDA60K ScanPal EDA60K
As low as $878.50
The ScanPal EDA60K device features an ergonomic 30 key numeric physical keyboard, as well as flexible 1D and 2D scan engine options. Well suited for picking, packing, putaway, and other workflows that require fast standard-range scanning and...

Photo of Dolphin CT40 Dolphin CT40
As low as $1,108.40
Honeywell's Dolphin CT40 mobile computer is more than just a hardware device, it's a highly integrated solution for retail and light-duty field mobility environments with all the tools enterprises need to handle day-to-day business tasks

Photo of ScanPal EDA51 ScanPal EDA51
As low as $866.60
Designed for small and medium sized businesses the ScanPal EDA51 was designed with a large, vivid 5-inch full touchscreen. Built with the fast Qualcomm Snapdragon 450 octa-core processor for fast data processing and a long-lasting lithium-ion...

Photo of Dolphin CK65 Mobile Computers Dolphin CK65
As low as $1,537.00
The Honeywell Dolphin CK65 mobile computer is designed for tough warehouse and manufacturing environments. Designed with an IP64 rating for an ultra-rugged design that can survive multiple 8-foot drops to concrete. The rugged mobile computer comes...

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