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Extreme Networks Wireless Products

Extreme Networks is a provider of network infrastructure equipment and services for enterprises, data centers, and service providers serving customers of all industries and organizations around the globe including businesses, hospitals, schools, hotels, telecommunications companies and government agencies. We pride ourselves on delivering innovative and intelligent solutions to our customers for needs in mobility, management and security, data center and high performance networking, and software defined networking. Extreme Networks Wireless Products logo
Photo of AP 8533 Access Points AP 8533
As low as $1,121.80
Extreme's innovative AP 8533 access point features true 802.11ac Wave 2 capabilities and Zebra Triple Sensor technology to support your growing business and customer needs. Personalize the shopping experience with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons,...

Photo of AP 8432 Access Points AP 8432
As low as $880.60
The AP 8232's next generation 1.3Gbps 802.11ac radio empowers your network with fifth generation Wi-Fi - up to four times the speed of 802.11n while its 802.11n radio ensures backward compatibility with every mobile device in use in your operation...

Photo of AP 7532 AP 7532
As low as $639.30
The dual radio AP 7532 provides the simplest path to next generation wireless LAN. The 802.11ac radio readies you to support new 5 GHz mobile devices, while the 802.11n radio ensures support for all existing mobile devices "" including 2.4 GHz...

Photo of AP 7522 AP 7522
As low as $478.50
This versatile dual radio access point can operate as an in-line sensor for client location awareness and security threat analysis or can be used as a dedicated full-time dual band sensor "" an ideal tool when building a multi-role, secure network....

Photo of AP 7522E AP 7522E
As low as $317.70
For midsize businesses, the Extreme Wireless WiNG Express portfolio provides the ability to deploy an enterprise-grade network that is affordable and scalable with ease. Businesses with up to 64 access points get the power of centralized management...

Photo of AP 7622 AP 7622
As low as $406.30
If you are a small retailer, restaurant, quick serve, or cafe, the AP 7622 is designed for you. Until now, you had little choice. Buy a complex and expensive AP designed for conglomerates or a cheap, consumer-grade product prone to fail. The AP 7622...

Photo of AP 7562 AP 7562
As low as $1,303.10
Introducing the Extreme Wireless AP 7562 802.11ac outdoor access point from Extreme Networks, purpose-built to meet the demands of your outdoor spaces. On the outside, the AP 7562 offers a rugged housing built to handle anything from rain, snow, and...

Photo of AP 6562 AP 6562
As low as $800.20
Designed to withstand wind, rain, and extreme temperatures, the ruggedized AP 6562 access point has proven itself time and time again. With its Extreme Wireless WiNG 5 intelligence, the AP 6562 seamlessly extends your network to the outdoors with...

Photo of AP 8163 Access Points AP 8163
As low as $1,845.60
The AP 8163 is a tri-radio 802.11n Mesh Access Point which features rugged construction to meet the harshest outdoor conditions "" cold, heat, wind, rain, and hail "" while delivering strong, reliable network capacity.

Photo of Summit X670 Series <<ethernet_switch-short>> Summit X670 Series
As low as $26,395.00
The Extreme Summit X670 Series provides high density for 10 Gigabit Ethernet switching in a small 1RU form factor. These switches support up to 64 10GbE ports in one system and 448 10GbE ports in a stacked system using high-speed SummitStack-V160,...

Photo of Summit x460 Summit x460
As low as $119.60
Summit X460 offers core-class intelligent switching and routing with exceptional port density and high-performance stacking technology powered by the ExtremeXOS modular operating system. Extreme Networks Summit X460 provides high density for Gigabit...

Photo of WiNG AP 7502 WiNG AP 7502
As low as $317.70
Introducing the easiest way to solve these big business problems: the Extreme Wireless WiNG AP 7502, a pocket-sized 802.11ac access point. The AP 7502 is purpose-built for public-facing micro-cell environments such as hotel and patient rooms,...

Photo of WiNG AP 7502E WiNG AP 7502E
For midsize businesses, the Extreme Wireless WiNG Express portfolio provides the ability to deploy an enterprise-grade network that is affordable and scalable with ease. Businesses with up to 25 AP 7502E access points get the power of centralized...

Photo of WiNG AP 7602 WiNG AP 7602
As low as $242.10
From purchase to deployment to management, the AP 7602 wall plate packs in value. Its exceptional value price makes it feasible to install in each guest room. Its enterprise-grade Extreme Wireless WiNG 5 operating system offers no compromises in...

Photo of WiNG TW-522 WiNG TW-522
As low as $317.70
Not only is there a dramatic increase in types of mobile devices, there is also an increase in the number of devices per user — a guest or tenant often has a smartphone and tablet or laptop computer. No matter how many devices you need to...

Photo of NX 5500 NX 5500
As low as $4,016.90
The Extreme Wireless WiNG 5 OS provides the advanced intelligence required to create the "fully network-aware" WLAN, allowing every piece of infrastructure in your wireless network to work together to route every transmission as efficiently as...

Photo of NX 5500E Wireless Controllers NX 5500E
As low as $2,010.40
The Extreme Wireless WiNG Express NX 5500E makes cost-effective, high- performance, enterprise-grade wireless networking a reality for your growing business and operations. Now, you can give your workers and customers the reliable wireless...

Photo of NX 7500 Wireless Controllers NX 7500
As low as $12,250.70
With the modular design of the NX 7500, you can purchase the features you need today and add what you need tomorrow. As the number of users and application bandwidth requirements increase, upgrade to 10 Gigabit (10G) Ethernet, right in your...

Photo of NX 9600 NX 9600
As low as $28,142.20
Are you prepared to manage the explosion of wireless devices and mobile applications in your enterprise? With our Extreme Wireless WiNG NX 9600 Integrated Services Platform for the NOC or private cloud, you will be. This single appliance provides...

Photo of NX 9500 Wireless Controllers NX 9500
The powerful NX 9500 forms the foundation of a true integrated network capable of delivering practically any voice and data service to any worker in any size office. Get it all in the hands of your workforce - including the NX 4500/6500 Integrated...

Photo of VX 9000 VX 9000
As low as $152.00
Not only is the VX 9000 easy to deploy, it also brings a new level of ease to WLAN deployment. The VX 9000 supports virtually any server and all of the leading, commercially available Hypervisors for fast and seamless integration into your existing...

Photo of NX 7510E Wireless Controllers NX 7510E
As low as $6,027.30
The NX 7510E features a state-of-the-art user interface that allows the administrator to set up sites quickly – an intuitive auto-provisioning policy supports trouble-free deployment at multiple sites. Once deployed, built-in analytics...

Photo of VX 9000E VX 9000E
As low as $787.90
The VX 9000E WiNG Express Manager is a software appliance running as a virtual machine (VM) on a variety of cloud infrastructures, including Hypervisor and Amazon EC2. This means you get the power of award-winning WiNG 5 architecture and a...

Photo of TS-524 (T-5 System) TS-524 (T-5 System)
As low as $2,971.40
Having one TW-522 in each guest room radically improves signal levels and power. Now, every smartphone, wearable device, and laptop a guest brings can be supported with superior connectivity and lightning speeds. Plus, guests can enjoy the latest...

Photo of Antenna Antenna
As low as $30.00


As low as $55.00

Products and parts from Extreme.

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