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VeriFone MX915 (M132-409-01-R)
Payment TerminalsVeriFone MX915
MX915, Multimedia Transaction Terminal, Verifone MX915, EMV Contact/Contactless Smart Card, Near Field Communication, 4.3" Color Touch Display with Signature Capture, PCI PTS 3.X, SC TCH Ethernet, Requires key injection in order to accept debit or credit card payments, Please call for more information.
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Ingenico iSC350 EMV Card Reader (ISC350-01P1854A)
Payment TerminalsIngenico iSC350 EMV Card Reader
iSC350 EMV Card Reader, Signature Capture, 5.7' Screen, Color Display, Contactless capabilities, EMV Card Reader. PCI 2.X device, Video/Audio Capability. Power supply and cables sold separately. Requires key injection to accept payment processing.
Ships Today $725.40 Add to Cart
Ingenico iSC Touch 250 Smart Terminals (ISC250-USSCN40F)
Payment TerminalsIngenico iSC Touch 250 Smart Terminals
iSC Touch 250 Smart Terminals, ISC Touch 250 Smart Payment Terminal, 4.3 inch touchscreen, MSR, EMV chip, PIN, signature capture, and NFC and contactless, ISC250-31P3774A V4 CL2
Ships Today $671.00 Add to Cart
PAX D200 (D200-0OPW364-11LA)
Payment TerminalsPAX D200
D200, MPOS with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth included.
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Ingenico iWL252 (iWL252)
Payment TerminalsIngenico iWL252
iWL252, Mobile payment terminal, Bluetooth, TFT-LCD Color QVGA Screen. Requires key injection in order to accept debit or credit card payments. Please call for more information.
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Types of Payment Terminals
Top Payment Terminals Brands
VeriFone Payment Terminals VeriFone Payment Terminals
VeriFone, Inc., recognized worldwide as the trusted leader in secure electronic payment technologies, provides expertise, solutions and services for today with a smart migration strategy for tomorrow.
Ingenico Payment Terminals Ingenico Payment Terminals
Ingenico provides retail merchants with reliable, secure electronic transaction terminals designed to speed customer check-out while reducing the merchant's overall cost of business. Ingenico has solutions for the small independent merchant right through to the large, multi-national, multi-lane merchant requiring customized software and hardware installations. Ingenico products and services are used by banking, retail, petroleum, transportation, healthcare industries and governments to ensure the secure acceptance and flow of electronic commerce. Today, more daily transactions in the USA originate on Ingenico terminals than any other brand.
Equinox Payment Terminals Equinox Payment Terminals
Equinox Payments, LLC, is an industry-leading point-of-sale terminal manufacturer and applications developer that is comprised of Hypercom Corporation's former operations plus a significant number of platform development, security, supply chain and other key experts to create a highly-competitive, standalone company. Equinox offers a wide-array of payment terminals that serve as content delivery platforms in both customer-activated and merchant-activated settings.
Hypercom Payment Terminals Hypercom Payment Terminals
Hypercom Corporation is one of the largest global providers of complete electronic payment solutions and value-added services at the point-of-transaction. Hypercom delivers a full suite of high security, end-to-end electronic payment products and services to customers that include large domestic and international financial institutions, electronic payment processors, large retailers, independent sales organizations (ISOs) and distributors. Their solutions enable businesses in more than 100 countries to securely expand their revenues and profits.
MagTek Payment Terminals MagTek Payment Terminals
MagTek Card Readers (MSR) & Check Readers are easy to use and bring unprecedented efficiency to customer transactions. By reading the magnetic stripes on credit and debit cards and driver's licenses -- plus MICR characters on checks, deposit and withdrawal slips, our readers speed transactions, eliminate manual entry errors and reduce fraud.
UIC Payment Terminals UIC Payment Terminals
Uniform Industrial Corporation (UIC) has been a leader in Electronic Commerce/Data Collection components and systems for Banking, Retail, Access Control, Lead Capture and Auto-ID solutions since its inception in 1983. UIC designs, develops and manufactures easy-to-use products that combine affordability and reliability with high quality and performance.
ID Tech Payment Terminals ID Tech Payment Terminals
IDTech Card Readers (MSR) are manufactured by ID TECH, whose products also include barcode scanners and wedges, magnetic stripe readers, reader/writers, and POS pedestal displays. These products are designed and manufactured in the United States by IDT and they support many enhanced barcode reading capabilities not found elsewhere.

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