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All Barcode Planet Products

3D Printers 3D Printers
Engineers and designers have been using 3D printers for more than a decade, but mostly to make prototypes quickly and cheaply before they embark on the expensive business of tooling up a factory to produce the real thing. As 3D printers have become more capable and able to work with a broader range of materials, including production-grade plastics and metals, the machines are increasingly being used to make final products too.
3D Printer Filaments 3D Printer Filaments
3D Scanners 3D Scanners
There are many different devices that can be called 3D scanners. Any device that measures the physical world using lasers, lights or x-rays and generates dense point clouds or polygon meshes can be considered a 3D scanner. They go by many names, including 3D digitizers, laser scanners, white light scanners, industrial CT, LIDAR, and others. The common uniting factor of all these devices is that they capture the geometry of physical objects with hundreds of thousands or millions of measurements.
Access Points Access Points
BarcodesInc has a full line of wireless access points to offer a broad range of both indoor and outdoor solutions that support today's most-demanding networks. Regardless of whether you’re supporting a small office or an arena, let Barcodes Inc be your #1 source for your Wi-Fi or WLAN needs.
Access Point Accessories Access Point Accessories
Barcode Planet carries a wide variety of wireless access points accessories.
Asset Tracking Software Asset Tracking Software
Automating your business’s asset management to improve tracking, auditing, and reporting of assets is required to prevent money lost from lost or stolen assets. Our asset tracking software allows you to assign responsibility to individuals or locations and keep your assets accountable. Our software gives you the ability to track larger, fixed assets or smaller, mobile assets. We have asset tracking software from Wasp and RedBeam that is compatible with Windows, Android, and iOS operating systems. Don’t forget to get a compatible tablet, mobile computer or barcode scanner with your software.
Camera Backdrops Camera Backdrops
Camera Backdrops allow ID card photos to be taken with a neutral or high-contrast background, which makes the on-card image quickly and easily reviewed at the point of access.
Barcode Software Barcode Software
Barcode Planet carries all the barcode software you need for barcode label printing and design. Why pay a premium to have somebody print your labels when you can simply buy our barcode labels, barcode printers, and barcoding software from top brands like Seagull Scientific, NiceLabel, Teklynx, and Wasp. Our barcode printing software give you the tools you need to create and print barcode labels of any size, making it easier to manage your product line efficiently. Our barcode software gives you the ability to customize your barcode labels to create and edit the label size, image, color, logo, orientation, and barcode symbology. Check out our barcoding software products below or call one of our representatives for a quantity discount.
Barcode Verifiers Barcode Verifiers
Barcode verifiers are ideal for businesses that are spending time and money on re-labeling costs, rejected shipments due to label errors, and compliance fines. We offer barcode verifiers from RJS, Axicon, and Webscan that can verify the print quality and compliance of symbology on all of your printed barcodes. Call one of our barcode verifier experts to help you achieve a high read rate on your barcodes, or to request a quantity discount.
Barcode Verifiers Accessories Barcode Verifiers Accessories
Barcode Planet carries a wide variety of barcode verifier accessories.
Bluetooth Adapters Bluetooth Adapters
Make your printer wireless with a USB, PC Card, or Parallel connection Bluetooth adapter.
Two-way Radios Two-way Radios
Motorola's diverse array of portable and mobile two-way radios (business walkie-talkies) enable you to efficiently communicate with your on-the-go workforce. Our line of rugged, on-site business radios operate on several VHF business-exclusive frequencies.
Two-way Radios Accessories Two-way Radios Accessories
Barcode Planet carries a wide variety of business radio accessories.
ID Card Printers ID Card Printers
ID Card applications have varying degree of demands on the ID Card Hardware. Our wide range of ID Card Printers from all major manufacturers such as Datacard, Fargo, Zebra, Evolis, Magicard, and IDP offer a host of functionalities and print capabilities for high quality ID card and badges.
ID Card Printers Accessories ID Card Printers Accessories
Barcode Planet carries a wide variety of ID Card Printer accessories.
ID Card Printer Cleaners ID Card Printer Cleaners
One of the easiest ways to prolong the life of your ID Card Printers is to remember to have a regular cleaning regiment. Cleaning cards, cleaning swabs, or Plastic ID Card Printer Printheads cleaning pens - they all perform an essential cleaning function for your printer, and we offer compatible cleaning kits for your Card Printers.
Plastic ID Card Printer Printheads Plastic ID Card Printer Printheads
A Plastic ID Card Printer Printheads is the element of the Card Printers that applies the image or text to your Plastic ID Cards. These are specific to the manufacturer and model of the Card Printers. Over time, the printer can be worn down or damaged, and your Plastic ID Card Printer Printheads may need to be replaced when print quality issues cannot be resolved by cleaning the it.
ID Card Printer Systems ID Card Printer Systems
Complete ID card printer systems contains everything you need for printing photo id cards: id card printer, id card software, camera, id cards, and id card printer ribbon.
ID Card Printer Ribbons ID Card Printer Ribbons
We can help you find the right ID Printer Ribbons to meet the demands of your Plastic ID Cards needs. From employee access cards to student IDs, we have the supplies to make Plastic ID Cards from every major manufacturer. Our inventory includes full color YMCKO ribbon for single-sided ID Card Printers or dual-sided YMCKOK ID Card Printer Ribbons, as well as a variety of monochrome color printer ribbons and more!
Cash Drawers Cash Drawers
Cash drawers are often one of the most missed, but necessary, components of a POS System. Barcode Planet can configure a cash drawer to meet you currency, size, color, and cash/coin till requirements. Our cash drawers can come equipped with a key or lock for maximum security. Most cash drawers require compatibility with a receipt printer. Our cash boxes can be Manual, or connect via USB or Serial to ensure that they work with your POS Software and Hardware. Take a look at the range of electronic and manual cash drawers we carry at Barcode Discount below, along with our new iPad Cash Drawer!
Cash Drawers Accessories Cash Drawers Accessories
Barcode Planet carries a wide variety of cash drawer accessories.
Point of Sale Cash Register Systems Point of Sale Cash Register Systems
Cash Registers have historically been the default solution for a basic Point of Sale system. They do have many limitations compared to software based Point of Sale systems, but their simplicity and low cost make them a good solution for small businesses just starting out. Our cash registers can easily check-out customers and secure cash and coins for your business. Also, check out our full line of cash drawers.
ID Badge Clips ID Badge Clips
Don't forget about your Plastic ID Cards fastening needs. Shop our selection of standard plastic clips, pressure sensitive clips, or magnets to cover your application.
Color Label Printers Color Label Printers
A Color Label Printers excels at delivering high quality color label printing including photos, labels and even barcodes.
Copier Printer Paper Copier Printer Paper
Customer & Pole Displays Customer & Pole Displays
Customer displays, available as pole or desktop models, can deliver price information and advertising to a customer at the Point of Sale. Customer displays may contain either multi-line fluorescent or LCD displays that connect to your system through a USB, Serial, or Parallel connection. Make it easy for your customers to follow each transaction with the right customer display.
Customer & Pole Displays Accessories Customer & Pole Displays Accessories
Barcode Planet carries a wide variety of customer display accessories.
Data Networking Devices Data Networking Devices
Data networking products.
Data Networking Devices Accessories Data Networking Devices Accessories
Barcode Planet carries a wide variety of data networking accessories.
Barcode Decoders Barcode Decoders
Barcode decoder wedges. Decode and format the data from your undecoded Barcode Readers
Digital Signage Displays Accessories Digital Signage Displays Accessories
Barcode Planet carries a wide variety of digital signage display accessories.
Digital Signage Displays Digital Signage Displays
Our wide selection of touch, non-touch, ePoster, and kiosk displays offer the perfect solution for any digital signage application.
Digital Signage Software Digital Signage Software
Customize your digital signage experience with the right design software. Our selection of software offers the flexibility and convenience to accommodate the needs of any application.
Digital Signage Systems Digital Signage Systems
BarcodesInc can help you create your personalized digital signage Solutions. We carry the largest selection of displays, media players, kiosks, wall mounts, stands, projectors, and software. We can provide you with the digital signage equipment required for any environment. Shop online or call a product expert today to help you find the right digital signage Solution to fit your needs.
Document Scanners Document Scanners
Convert your document, text, business and ID cards into digital files that you can store with document scanners. Capable of scanning and storing the data and images on the cloud or into your PC or Mac. Desktop document scanners allow you to scan multiple pagers to convert into digital data. Portable scanners allows you to take your business on the go to collect and save the data you need on the go.
Ethernet Switchs Ethernet Switchs
Access Switches are designed to eliminate legacy switches that contributed to a high overhead cost by incorporating role-based access policies for both wired and wireless access networks. BarcodesInc offers access switches that are reliable in both low and high density environments.
Ethernet Switch Accessories Ethernet Switch Accessories
Barcode Planet carries a wide variety of Ethernet switch accessories.
Event Tracking Software Event Tracking Software
Register, badge and track conference, tradeshow, festival or any other event attendees with an easy-to-use Event Tracking Software. Our selection allows you to have attended or kiosk registration, issue event passes, track and control entry, network multiple sites, view attendance reports, and much more!
Fax Machines Fax Machines
Industrial Barcode Readers Industrial Barcode Readers
Fixed mount barcode scanners are flexible, hands-free devices that are often used in kiosks and conveyor systems. Additionally, fixed barcode scanners are used for applications such as boarding pass scanning, parcel dimension scanning, and pharmaceutical tracking. Check out our full line of fixed barcode scanners below for 1D, 2D, rugged, and non-rugged devices, or contact one of our representatives for a volume discount.
Industrial Barcode Readers Accessories Industrial Barcode Readers Accessories
Barcode Planet carries a wide variety of Fixed Scanners accessories.
Form Printers Form Printers
Line matrix and line laser high speed business Form Printers.
ID Badge Holders ID Badge Holders
Looking for extra protection or a unique way to carry your Plastic ID Cards? our selection of badges can provide the right durable solution for you. Customize your look by shopping our badge holder selection containing many varieties based on color, size, and functionality.
ID Card Software ID Card Software
We carry a wide variety of ID Card Software which allow you to design and print professional photo IDs and badges for any solution. Looking to customize your Plastic ID Cards? Our software makes it easy to add functions and capabilities to all cards and badges, and they are perfect for Student IDs, Employee IDs, Government IDs, and Security IDs.
Inkjet Cartridges Inkjet Cartridges
Inkjet Printers Inkjet Printers
Inventory Software Inventory Software
Inventory software is ideal for businesses in a warehouse, retail, or small business environment. You can bundle our barcode inventory software with a barcode scanner or other barcode equipment for a complete inventory management system solution. Browse our selection of inventory software below from top brands like Wasp and RedBeam. For a free trial demo of our software contact one of our sales representatives.
Point of Sale Keyboards Point of Sale Keyboards
Point of Sale keyboards go beyond the traditional PC keyboard with a variety of additional Point of Sale options. Embedded MSRs (credit card swipe readers), smart card readers, biometric (fingerprint scanner) security, and programmable keys are some of the features found in Point of Sale keyboards. Full-sized, small footprint and fully programmable matrix models ensure there's a model perfect for your Point of Sale.
Point of Sale Keyboards Accessories Point of Sale Keyboards Accessories
Barcode Planet carries a wide variety of keyboard accessories accessories.
Barcode Printer Labels Barcode Printer Labels
Thanks to the selection of products we offer at Barcode Planet, printing labels on demand has never been easier. When you have the proper barcode printers and compatible ribbon and labels, print jobs become a snap. That’s why our catalog of products includes a huge selection of direct thermal and thermal transfer labels, made by top brands like Zebra, Intermec and Datamax-O’Neil. Whether you’re looking for blank labels, custom pre-printed labels or aren’t sure which labels will suit your situation best, Barcode Planet is your resource for getting the barcode printing you need. Our talented experts can provide personalized advice on selecting labels to suit your specific application and needs. Search through our catalog of direct thermal, thermal transfer, paper, vinyl and other labels below to learn more.
Labeling Tape Labeling Tape
Barcode Label Rewinders Barcode Label Rewinders
A Barcode Label Rewinders is used in conjunction with your Thermal Barcode Label Printer. During the printing process the label rewinder gathers the printed labels and collects the labels on a spool/roll for ease of use during the labeling process within a warehouse, retail store, shipping department or assembly line. See below for our wide selection of rewinders that can meet your label management needs.
Barcode Label Rewinders Accessories Barcode Label Rewinders Accessories
Barcode Planet carries a wide variety of label rewinder accessories.
ID Card Laminates and Films ID Card Laminates and Films
If you are looking for extra protection for your Plastic ID Cards, we can help you find the right film or laminate for your Plastic ID Cards needs. Our laminates provide an extra layer of coverage to make sure your Plastic ID Cards stands up to the most difficult conditions in any environment. We have the right film or laminate for any Retransfer or Laminating printer.
ID Badge Lanyards ID Badge Lanyards
Accessorize you wardrobe and add convenience and security with our large selection of sturdy badge lanyards. Customize your lanyard by color, length, material and functionality. If there is a lanyard you are looking for, we carry it.
Large Format Printers Large Format Printers
Laser Marking Systems Laser Marking Systems
Laser Marking Systems are quickly becoming the choice for a wide variety of marking applications. Designed to mark serial numbers, 1D/2D barcodes, logos, and various information onto targets; Laser Marking Systems can also be used for cutting and processing. The non-contact printing method that Laser Marking Systems provide, offers clear advantages over alternative technologies including mark quality, permanence, and fewer consumables. Laser Marking Machines are capable of marking all metals, most plastics, semi-conductors, composites, and ceramics with ease and precision.
Laser Printers Laser Printers
Lobby and Visitor Software Lobby and Visitor Software
Protect your business and improve your corporate image by securing your facility with easy-to-use Lobby and Visitor Software. With it, you will be able to register visitors, check a watch list, print badges, notify hosts, log visits, control access, and much more!
Media Players Media Players
Barcodes, Inc. can help you deliver an unbeatable user experience with the right media player. Whether you need a solution for education, business, or commercial installations we have the right media player to meet any demand.
Media Players Accessories Media Players Accessories
Barcode Planet carries a wide variety of media player accessories.
Membership Software Membership Software
Improve your club's image and prevent unauthorized access by issuing Plastic ID Cards to members. Our Membership Software will let you enroll, track and manage members, limit usage by day, time, and facility, set expiration dates, control entry, view facility usage trends, scan barcodes or magnetic stripes, and much more!
MICR Check Readers MICR Check Readers
Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) readers allow you to easily read the account and routing information from a check. Many models now also provide imaging capabilties to capture a picture of the check as you are reading it. These devices are ideal for banks or any business that needs to process volumes of checks quickly and accurately.
Mobile Carts Mobile Carts
Barcode Planet has a selection of Mobile Carts that allow your mobile workers to capture data on-the-go without having to carry large barcode printers or having to continually walk back to their PC and synch the data from their barcode scanner. See below for our Mobile Carts from Newcastle Systems, Printronix, and others.
Mobile Carts Accessories Mobile Carts Accessories
Barcode Planet carries a wide variety of mobile cart accessories.
Point of Sale Monitors Point of Sale Monitors
Every Point of Sale station requires some kind of Point of Sale Monitors and not every business needs a touchscreen. Most retail based Point of Sale systems scan or key items in and will use a standard monitor due to the cost savings. We carry a wide range of monitors from 12" to over 47" with options for desktop or wall mount models to fit any application.
Point of Sale Monitors Accessories Point of Sale Monitors Accessories
Barcode Planet carries a wide variety of monitor accessories.
Magnetic Card Stripe Readers Magnetic Card Stripe Readers
We are your resource for high-quality credit card swipe readers, priced competitively and usually available to ship the same day. Our mag stripe/swipe readers are capable of reading tracks 1, 2, 3, and EMV while being offered in a variety of connection types, including Serial/RS-232 and USB. Need mag strip writers we carry those as well! Depending on your business you may need a countertop reader or a mobile reader. We carry the top credit card reader brands, such as Magtek and ID Tech, as well as payment terminals from top brands Ingenico, Equinox, and VeriFone. . No matter your business restaurant, retail, or grocery we have you covered with a credit card reader that you need. To learn more about what products are right for your situation, check out the credit card swipe readers we have at Barcode Planet below.
Magnetic Card Stripe Readers Accessories Magnetic Card Stripe Readers Accessories
Barcode Planet carries a wide variety of magnetic stripe reader accessories.
Multi-Function Printers Multi-Function Printers
Office Printheads Office Printheads
General Software General Software
Software choices that serve a variety of users and applications.
Payment Terminals Payment Terminals
With most sales transactions being paid for with credit and debit cards today, Payment Terminals are a convenient, accurate, and secure way to process payments. Depending on the model and your payment service provider, you can easily process cards independently or alongside your Point of Sale system. With hardware that is PCI PED compliant, you also meet all PCI legal requirements while protecting your customer's sensitive personal information.
Payment Terminals Accessories Payment Terminals Accessories
Barcode Planet carries a wide variety of payment terminal accessories.
Mobile Computers Mobile Computers
Barcode Planet carries a wide variety of handheld computers from top brands such as Motorola, Honeywell, Datalogic, Intermec, Unitech, AML and many more. Our mobile barcode scanners come integrated with 1D (Laser) or 2D (Imager) barcode technology, and with your choice of a Windows or Android operating system. Whether you're looking for portable data terminals, tablets, or barcode scanners, we have the products that are right for your business. Browse our full selection of handheld computers below.
PDT Accessories PDT Accessories
Barcode Planet carries a wide variety of mobile computer accessories. We carry accessories from top brands such as Motorola, Honeywell, Datalogic, Intermec, Unitech and many more.
Photo ID Cameras Photo ID Cameras
Capture a perfect image for your Plastic ID Cards with our camera and capture product offerings. Shop from our selection of cameras, backdrops, lights and tripods to enhance the image quality of your shot.
Plastic ID Cards Plastic ID Cards
ID cards come in wide variety of materials, sizes, thickness, and colors. All cards are graphic-quality for producing professional-looking printed cards. However, choosing a card with the right specifications can sometimes being challenging. Our friends ID experts can help assist on finding the right card for your application.
Plastic ID Cards Accessories Plastic ID Cards Accessories
Barcode Planet carries a wide variety of plastic ID card accessories.
Point to Multipoint Wireless Point to Multipoint Wireless
Wireless Point-to-Multipoint links are used when connecting multiple locations to a single point; a common application for service providers, surveillance systems, or any type of regionally distributed data network.
Point to Point Wirelesss Point to Point Wirelesss
Wireless Point-to-Point links are most commonly used for creating a high-capacity, low-latency connection between 2 locations, such as buildings or towers, as a lower-cost alternative to fiber or leased lines. BarcodesInc offers Point-to-Point equipment in both unlicensed and FCC-licensed frequency bands. Regardless of your bandwidth needs, we have a solution fit for you.
Portable Thermal Printers Portable Thermal Printers
Portable Thermal Printers for mobile applications. Models capable of printing direct thermal or thermal transfer barcode labels.
Portable Thermal Printers Accessories Portable Thermal Printers Accessories
Barcode Planet carries a wide variety of portable printer accessories.
Portable Thermal Printers Accessories Portable Thermal Printers Accessories
Point of Sale Software Point of Sale Software
Point of Sale Software is the center of any system and determines how effectively you can run your business. Since every business is different and needs to provide a variety of services, different POS software will cater to specific types of businesses. Whether you are a retail store, restaurant, or need to process orders on the go, we have the software to get your business running.
Point of Sale Systems Point of Sale Systems
We've made Point of Sale (POS) easy by bundling together the best hardware and software in the industry. We have partnered together with some of the most popular point of sale software providers, such as Vend, ShopKeep and ulutu. Whether your business focuses on grocery, retail, salon, or restaurant, we have a point of system that is right for you. Barcode Planet is your resource for all traditionalor iPad-based point of sale systems. Come to us for the systems that are specially made to provide an efficient, productive point-of-sale experience for both you and your customers.
Point of Sale Touch Computers Point of Sale Touch Computers
Point of Sale Workstations are computers designed to capture customer purchases, process credit cards, and manage inventory. Barcode Planet has deployed complete POS Systems in Retail, Restaurants, and Salons that include POS Workstations, Barcode Scanners, Receipt Printers, and all other POS peripherals. See below for our full selection of POS Terminals that come in various sizes and operating systems.
Pos Workstation Accessories Pos Workstation Accessories
Barcode Planet carries a wide variety of Point of Sale Workstation Accessories.
Price Marking Ink Roller Price Marking Ink Roller
Our line of ink rollers for price marking labeler guns and supplies are an excellent choice for your labeling needs. Replace your ink rollers to keep your operations running smoothly. Choose your ink color, label styles, and colors and make your products stand out and make shopping easier for your customers.
Price Marking Labeler Gun Price Marking Labeler Gun
Shop our extensive line of price marking handheld labeler guns as well as manual label applicators along with retail label gun labels and supplies from the top manufacturers in the food labeling and pricing retail industries. Our mechanical price labeling guns or applicators are handheld, durable and user-friendly requiring very little training to use and are an excellent choice for price marking, promotional pricing, date and time, multiple pricing such as 2 FOR and more. With your choice of labeler print bands, ink colors and label styles and colors you can make your product information stand out making shopping easier for your customers.
Price Marking Labels Price Marking Labels
Barcode Planet carries a wide variety of price marking labels in different styles and colors that you can make your product information stand out. Choose from label styles that have production dates, security cuts and more for your food and retail labeling needs.
Thermal Printers Thermal Printers
At Barcode Planet we have a large variety of Thermal Label Printers for all applications. We carry a complete line of products suitable for small to large-scale printing needs. Our product portfolio includes options from top brands like Zebra, SATO, Intermec, Datamax-O'Neil and Printronix. Our printer options include desktop printers, industrial printers, mobile printers, wristband printers and ticket printers. At Barcode Planet you will find a large selection of high-quality printers, fast shipping and a low-price guarantee - if you find the same product advertised for less anywhere else, we'll match it! Search our selection of barcode printers to learn more.
Printer Accessories Printer Accessories
Barcode Planet carries a wide variety of Printer Accessories. Everything from internal parts, input/output hoppers, power supplies, cables, and etc.
Thermal Printheads Thermal Printheads
A dirty or damaged thermal printhead can cause printed barcodes and labels to be unreadable or unscannable. Look no further than Barcode Planet for the replacement thermal printhead for you makes and model of thermal transfer or direct thermal printers.
Printhead Cleaner Printhead Cleaner
One of the easiest ways to prolong the life of your printer is to remember to regularly clean its printhead. Cleaning cards, cleaning swabs, and cleaning pens are the simplest and most efficient way to properly maintain your printhead to get the longest life from it.
Print Engines Print Engines
Direct thermal and thermal transfer print engines for high volume, assembly line, barcode labeling applications.
Print Servers Print Servers
Go wireless with our selection of Print Servers equipment.
Receipt Rolls Receipt Rolls
Whether you need standard thermal rolls or multi-ply impact paper, we carry receipt paper in a variety of sizes to meet the requirements of many applications. These verticals include but not limited to, cash register, point-of-sale, mobile printing, e-ticketing, lottery/gamming, and gas station pump payment terminals. We can even do customer printing with logos and coupons.
Receipt Printers Receipt Printers
Barcode Planet offers a range of receipt printers for all businesses and applications. We can provide mobile receipts printers for workers on-the-go, stationary or desktop receipt printers for the point of sale counter or kiosk printers for those who want to provide customers with a self-service experience. We offer specialty receipt printers for Quickbooks and Kitchens and can provide receipt printers for any type of connection, including USB, Serial, Ethernet, and Bluetooth. Call one of our experts for more information or choose a receipt printer from one of our top brands like Star, Epson, Zebra, NCR, Citizen and more, in various sizes and at various price points.
Receipt Printers Accessories Receipt Printers Accessories
Barcode Planet carries a wide variety of receipt printer accessories.
Receipt Ribbons Receipt Ribbons
Every impact-based printer uses a ribbon to create receipts. These ribbons come in cartridge that fits into your specific printer. Many ribbons are available in black, purple, red, or a combination of black and red. Whatever the model, our wide selection of ribbons has one that fits your printer.
ID Badge Reels ID Badge Reels
Looking for an unobtrusive way to display your Plastic ID Cards? Shop from our large selection of ID Badge Reels. Customize your look by shopping our reel selection containing many varieties based on color, fastening options, and functionality.
RFID Antennas RFID Antennas
Deploying an RFID Antennas allows automatic reading of RFID tags while passing through a shipping or loading area or down a conveyor.
RFID Inlays RFID Inlays
RFID inlays (comprised of chip and antenna) are offered in a wide variety of sizes that are tailored to fit any application. Barcode Planet will not only assist with finding the right inlay, but we will also adhere it to a barcode label so it is ready to print and encode from an RFID printer. Once printed and encoded, the smart labels can be applied in packages, pallets, clothing, and other materials in order to optimize your tracking.
RFID Labels RFID Labels
RFID smart labels combine a variety of inlays (each having a unique chip, bonding wire, and antenna) with a variety of printable materials to make them suitable for a wide range of applications in a wide range of environments. Our smart labels come designed ready to work with a variety of RFID printers. Talk to one of our RFID experts to ensure the RFID equipment you receive is compatible with one another.
RFID Printers RFID Printers
Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) printers are used in cohesion with our Printing RFID Software. to print and encode RFID labels. We have a large selection of industrial RFID printers for high volume printing or desktop RFID printers for low volume printing. We also offer mobile RFID printers for the on-the-go worker. Check out our large selection of RFID printers below from top brands such as Zebra, Intermec, and Printronix.
RFID Readers RFID Readers
Barcode Planetcarries a broad inventory of RFID Readers that are ideal for the warehouse, retail, healthcare, and other environments. We can offer a handheld RFID reader for the mobile workforce as well as a fixed RFID reader for pallet and item tracking. Our RFID readers can come equipped with the right frequency (UHF, HF, or LF) to ensure that they are compatible with your RFID tags and labels. Browse below to select the right RFID reader for your application or call us for a volume discount
RFID Readers Accessories RFID Readers Accessories
Barcode Planet carries a wide variety of RFID reader accessories.
RFID Software RFID Software
Barcode Planet has a full range of RFID Tracking Software, RFID Printing Software, RFID Inventory Software, and RFID File Tracking Software to help manage the items for your business with the latest technology. Our RFID software is designed to collect data using passive UHF RFID technology. Check out our RFID Software offerings below and make sure to shop for your RFID Readers, RFID Printers, and other RFID hardware with us too!
RFID Systems RFID Systems
A Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) System includes everything you'll need to get started with RFID for your respective application. Depending on your requirements, we have systems specifically designed for RFID asset tracking, file tracking, video surveillance, medical supply replenishment and inventory applications. Each system is designed to provide accurate and reliable reading.
We offer RFID tags in all shapes and sizes. We have RFID tags that fit every environment including extreme temperatures or unique surfaces and materials. Our selection includes tags for UHF, HF and LF frequencies. We offer RFID laundry tags, metal mount RFID tags, customized RFID tags, rugged RFID tags, and many other RFID tag variations. Please call one of our experts to ensure the RFID tags are compatible with your RFID readers and software.
RFID Wristbands RFID Wristbands
Barcode Planet is an industry-leading business that specializes in RFID solutions. We carry RFID wristbands with UHF or HF frequencies, as well as a variety of material such as cloth, plastic, and silicone. We can also customize the RFID bracelets with your logo and any color scheme. RFID wristbands are becoming ever more popular in amusement parks, hotel resorts, and secure locations. Call one of our experts if you are interested in incorporating RFID wristbands into your business.
Label Ribbons Label Ribbons
All popular sizes of wax, wax-resin and resin thermal transfer ribbon are ready for immediate delivery. If your thermal transfer printer is running low on thermal transfer ribbon we have the manufacturer specified ribbon that will meet your printer's requirements. Not finding what you need? We have special order options in different sizes, materials and colors for every thermal transfer label and thermal transfer barcode label printer.
Rugged Laptops Rugged Laptops
Reliable and rugged laptop computers are ideal for mobile professionals, delivering high-performance and ultra-portable ruggedized mobile computing. These computers earn their reputation for toughness with rigorous testing to ensure fewer repairs, less downtime and lower cost of ownership.
Rugged Laptops Accessories Rugged Laptops Accessories
Barcode Planet carries a wide variety of rugged laptop accessories.
Scales Scales
Digital Point of Sale scales are the perfect companion to any Point of Sale station that needs to capture product weights. From cold cuts, produce, or small component parts, these scales are an easy way to quickly input a weight into your Point of Sale Systems. Depending on the max weight you'll need and minimum resolution, we have a scale to fit your needs.
Scales Accessories Scales Accessories
Barcode Planet carries a wide variety of scale accessories.
Barcode Readers Barcode Readers
Barcode Planet carries a wide variety of barcode scanners from top brands such as Motorola, Honeywell, Datalogic, Symbol, Unitech, Metrologic, Socket and many more. While one size does not fit all, we have a range of barcode readers that are laser, imager, corded, cordless, Bluetooth, fixed, in-counter, and presentation. We also have the latest barcode scanners and sleds that are compatible with smartphones and tablets, such as the iPhone and iPad. We not only have all the barcode scanning hardware you need to build the perfect barcode solution for your business, we also offer unmatched industry expertise and superior service every step of the way. Search our catalog below for the right barcode scanner for your business.
Scanner Accessories Scanner Accessories
Barcode Planet carries a wide variety of barcode scanner accessories such as power supplies, charging docks, batteries, base stations, etc.
School Tracking Software School Tracking Software
Save time and money by tracking student attendance and tardiness electronically. Tracking students' whereabouts has never been easier than it is with our School Tracking Software. With it, you will be able to record tardiness and absences, issue photo IDs and tardy slips, assign warnings and detentions, e-mail infraction notices to parents, view and print detailed reports, integrate with existing systems, and much more!
Shipping Labels Shipping Labels
We have Shipping Labels to meet your every need: barcode, biohazard, chemical, corrosive, dot, electrical, equipment, esd, explosive, flammable, fragile, hazard, hazardous, hmis, industrial, industry, inventory, label, laser, material, orm, packing, pallet, poison, preprinted, radioactive, safety, sticker, warning & more. If you don't see it, please call!
Shredders Shredders
Identity theft continues to be a threat, making paper shredders for managing unwanted confidential information critical for secure protection. Depending on your security needs, shredders are available for every size office and offer paper cut types in a range of security options. Depend on tough, reliable paper shredders to ensure your peace of mind.
Signature Capture Pads Accessories Signature Capture Pads Accessories
Barcode Planet carries a wide variety of signature capture pad accessories.
Signature Capture Pads Signature Capture Pads
If your business needs to capture signatures, but doesn’t want to keep all that paper lying around, Barcode Planet has you covered. See below for our selection of Signature Capture Pads from Topaz, ePadLink, Scriptel, and other top brands. We also have a full line of credit card readers with integrated signature capture. These will allow you to not only get the customers signature, but also take their payment.
Barcode Badge Card Readers Barcode Badge Card Readers
Barcode Badge Card Readers can be used to read Barcodes printed on any type of plastic id card. Some Barcode Badge Card Readers also include magnetic stripe readers (MSR's) for reading credit and debit cards.
Smart Card Readers Smart Card Readers
Smart Card Readerss are used as a communications medium between the smart card and a host, such as a computer, Point of Sale Touch Computers or a mobile telephone.
Surge Protectors Surge Protectors
Protect your electronics from sudden AC power surges.
Tablet Computers Tablet Computers
Reliable tablet computers are ideal for mobile professionals that need to conduct field services, direct store delivery, signature capture, and other on-the-go functions. Our rugged and consumer tablets are offered in various operating systems, including Android and Windows, with or without a barcode scanner, and with connectivity to multiple carriers, such as Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint. Browse our selection of tablets below or call one of our representatives for a quantity discount.
Tablet Accessories Tablet Accessories
Barcode Planet carries a wide variety of tablet accessories such as shoulder straps, carrying handles, handstraps, charging cradles, stylus, etc.
Telecommunications Products Telecommunications Products
Telecom Accessories Telecom Accessories
Barcode Planet carries a wide variety of Telecommunications Accessories such as Antennas, power supplies, cables, ear cushions, etc.
Fixed/Vehicle Mount Data Terminals Fixed/Vehicle Mount Data Terminals
Vehicle mount mobile computers put robust computing power in a rugged form factor designed to handle the vibration of forklifts, fleet cars, delivery trucks and other vehicles. These devices provide increased productivity and reduced errors in picking, put-away, shipping, and receiving applications. From the warehouse floor to inside a freezer, these terminals provide real-time access to the data you need in any environment.
Terminal Accessories Terminal Accessories
Barcode Planet carries a wide variety of data terminal accessories such as cradles, screen protectors, cables, power supplies, etc.
Ticket Printers Ticket Printers
Ticket printers for ticket printing.
Time Tracking Software Time Tracking Software
Accurately track employee and contractor time and attendance with the use of Time Tracking Software. Our selection will allow your business to issue photo ID cards, log entry and exit, scan barcodes or magnetic stripes, set expiration dates, assign job codes, calculate hours worked, view attendance reports, and much more!
Toner Toner
Touchscreen Displays Touchscreen Displays
Touchscreen Displays are a convenient, intuitive interface to improve the speed and efficiency of any application. They integrate easily with any software/PC and are available in a variety of sizes from 12" to 46". Our selection of Touchscreen Displays has solutions for POS, restaurant, healthcare, hospitality and industrial environments with options for resistive, capacitive, multi-touch, and surface area wave sensing technologies.
Touchscreen Displays Accessories Touchscreen Displays Accessories
Barcode Planet carries a wide variety of touchscreen accessories.
Camera Tripods Camera Tripods
Camera Tripods hold the Photo ID Cameras steady, allowing clear pictures to be taken.
An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) provides a continuous supply of electric power to connected equipment in the event of a power failure. A number of capacities of battery back-up UPS are available for keeping your workstation online, or powering a mobile computer-cart.
Service Contracts Service Contracts
Depot repair and replacement products for damaged units.
Wireless Antennas Wireless Antennas
Regardless of the frequency range, polarization, environment or gain requirements, BarcodesInc has a full line of antennas to work with any radio that we offer. We carry everything from omni-directional and patch, sector and panel, to yagi and parabolic dish antennas.
Wireless Client Adapters Wireless Client Adapters
Wireless client devices are used with stations that do not have an integrated Wi-Fi adapter. Often desktop PCs and terminals will not have a built-in wireless adapter. These devices allow them to be connected via Wi-Fi when a wired connection is not available or feasible. USB adapters require drivers and software for the operating system, while the Ethernet-based units manage the connectivity within themselves.
Wireless Controllers Wireless Controllers
BarcodesInc has a diverse offering of wireless controllers that offer a scalable, secure and centrally managed wireless network for a small office all the way up to multi-site branch organizations. Our wireless controllers are able to support the deployment of a few access points to thousands at a time. Contact one of our wireless experts to find the right solution for you!
Wireless Routers Wireless Routers
A wireless router combines the functions of a router and access point into one device, in order to establish a connection to your ISP while also providing Wi-Fi coverage internally.
Wireless Software Wireless Software
Whether you’re looking for a software or bandwidth upgrade, a device license, management software or a plug-in/extension, we have all necessary options to support our vast wireless product line.
Wireless Switches Wireless Switches
Wireless 802.11b/a/g (wifi) switches, including Power-over-ethernet (PoE) models.
Wristbands Wristbands
Wristbands significantly improve the efficiently and accuracy of patient management. Quickly scan the wristbands barcode to receive the most up-to-date patient information. Wristbands can also enable several options to increase customer experiences in Attraction and Amusement applications. Cashless point of sale payments and access management are only a few of the options available with these quick print barcoded wristbands. With a variety of options to fit your every need, our expert representatives can suggest the proper wristbands that will work perfectly for any need.
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