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Barcode Readers: Wireless, Handheld, & More

Barcode Planet carries a wide variety of barcode scanners from top brands such as Motorola, Honeywell, Datalogic, Symbol, Unitech, Metrologic, Socket and many more. While one size does not fit all, we have a range of barcode readers that are laser, imager, corded, cordless, Bluetooth, fixed, in-counter, and presentation. We also have the latest barcode scanners and sleds that are compatible with smartphones and tablets, such as the iPhone and iPad. We not only have all the barcode scanning hardware you need to build the perfect barcode solution for your business, we also offer unmatched industry expertise and superior service every step of the way. Search our catalog below for the right barcode scanner for your business.

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AirTrack S1 (S1-0114R1982)
Barcode ReadersAirTrack S1
S1, USB Kit, 1D Linear Imager Scanner, Black. Includes 6' USB Cable and Stand.
Ships Today $132.00 Add to Cart
AirTrack S2 (S2-1012A2006)
Barcode ReadersAirTrack S2
S2, USB Kit, 2D Imager Scanner, Black. Includes USB Cable and Stand.
Ships Today $235.00 Add to Cart
Symbol LS2208 (LS2208-SR20007R-NA)
Barcode ReadersSymbol LS2208
LS2208, USB Kit. 1D Laser. Includes USB cable and stand. Color: Black. Replaces (Part# LS2208-SR20007R-UR).
Ships Today $123.80 Add to Cart
AirTrack S1-W (S1-W-0114R1982)
Barcode ReadersAirTrack S1-W
S1-W, USB Kit, Cordless, 1D Linear Imager Scanner, Color: Dark gray. Includes Standard Cradle (Radio/Charger) and USB Cable.
Ships Today $349.90 Add to Cart
AirTrack S2-W (S2-W-1012A2006)
Barcode ReadersAirTrack S2-W
S2-W, USB Kit, Cordless, 2D Imager Scanner, Color: Dark gray. Includes Standard Cradle (Radio/Charger) and USB Cable.
Ships Today $649.90 Add to Cart
AirTrack S2-P (S2-P-1012A2006)
Barcode ReadersAirTrack S2-P
S2-P, USB Kit, Presentation, 2D Imager Scanner, Color: Black. Includes USB Cable.
Ships Today $290.90 Add to Cart
Datalogic Cobalto CO5300 (CO5330-BKK1)
Barcode ReadersDatalogic Cobalto CO5300
Cobalto CO5300, USB Kit, Laser Scanner. Inlcudes USB cable. Color: Black
Ships Today $212.70 Add to Cart
Honeywell Voyager 1450g (1450G1D-2USB-1)
Barcode ReadersHoneywell Voyager 1450g
Voyager 1450g, USB Kit, Omnidirectional 1D Only Imager. Includes USB cable and Flex stand. Color: Black.
Ships Today $157.90 Add to Cart
Motorola LI4278 (LI4278-TRBU0100ZWR)
Barcode ReadersMotorola LI4278
LI4278, USB Kit, Linear Imager, Cordless, Bluetooth, Includes Standard Cradle (Radio/Charger) and USB Cable. Color: Black. For faster charging purchase power supply (Part# PWRS-14000-253R).
Ships Today $421.30 Add to Cart
Motorola CS3070 (CS3070-SR10007WW)
Barcode ReadersMotorola CS3070
CS3070, Batch/Bluetooth Scanner, 1D Laser, 512MB Flash Memory. Includes USB Cable.
Ships Today $263.60 Add to Cart
Unitech AS10 (AS10-U)
Barcode ReadersUnitech AS10
AS10, Barcode scanner, Linear Imager, USB, Black
Ships Today $48.60 Add to Cart
Datalogic Magellan 1100i (MG112041-001-412B)
Barcode ReadersDatalogic Magellan 1100i
Magellan 1100i, USB Kit, Button with Targeting Green Spot, 2D Decoding, Riser Stand, USB 2 m Cable, Black (Kit includes Scanner, Stand and cable.)
Ships in 3-5 Days $308.20 Add to Cart
Symbol LS3408 ER (LS3408-ER20005R)
Barcode ReadersSymbol LS3408 ER
LS3408 ER, SCANNER ONLY, 1D Laser, Extended Range. Cables and accessories must be purchased separately. See accessories.
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Honeywell Xenon 1900 (1900GSR-2USB)
Barcode ReadersHoneywell Xenon 1900
Xenon 1900, USB kit, 2D Imager, Standard Range. Includes 9' straight USB cable. Color: Black.
Ships Today $320.80 Add to Cart
Datalogic Magellan 800i (MG08-004121-0040)
Barcode ReadersDatalogic Magellan 800i
Magellan 800i, USB Kit, 2D Imager Scanner, Color: Black, Includes USB Type A Cable (6 feet).
Ships Today $322.60 Add to Cart

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Search by Type of Barcode Readers
Top Barcode Readers Brands
Datalogic Readers Datalogic Readers
Datalogic is the largest European manufacturer of barcode readers and portable data collection terminals and one of the largest in the world.
Hand Held Readers Hand Held Readers
Hand Held Products is now part of Honeywell.

Hand Held (formerly Hand Held Products, a Welch Allyn affiliate) is dedicated to the design and development of affordable,high-performance, image-based data collection systems for the retail, transportation, postal, warehousing, logistics, and manufacturing markets. Hand Held Products is now part of Honeywell.
Honeywell Readers Honeywell Readers
Honeywell provides portable power solutions for handheld scanners, handheld computers, printers, and vehicle mounted computers. With quality that is regarded as the best in the world, Honeywell scanners are durable and reliable for retail, specifically designed for manufacturing, and healthcare operations. Honeywell handheld computers are ideal for field mobility, warehousing, and logistics operations. Honeywell acquired Handheld, Metrologic, LXE, and Intermec, who were all leading scanning, mobility, and printing manufacturers in the industry. Choose a Honeywell scanner, handheld computer, or barcode printer below, or contact one of our sales representatives for a quantity discount.
Intermec Readers Intermec Readers
Intermec Printers, Scanners & Portable Data Terminals provide a robust, industrialized line of automated data collection equipment.
LXE Readers LXE Readers
Metrologic is now part of Honeywell.

LXE designs rugged wireless computers and vehicle mounted data collection solutions that improve supply chain performance. LXE scanners are ideal for the manufacturing and warehouse environments, while their ring scanners are purposely built for voice-enabled picking solutions. Honeywell acquired LXE in 2011 in order to strengthen its rugged mobility and vehicle mounted computer selection. Check out our full line of LXE scanners, mobile computers, vehicle mounted computers, and ring scanners below or call one of our representatives for a quantity discount.
Metrologic Readers Metrologic Readers
Metrologic is now part of Honeywell.

>Metrologic Scanners are manufactured by Metrologic Instruments, which designs, manufactures barcode scanning equipment incorporating laser and imaging technology for retail and commercial scanning applications. All Metrologic scanners read Code 93 symbology.
Microscan Readers Microscan Readers
Microscan Scanners from Microscan, a manufacturer of fixed-mount scanners and decoders for industrial and assembly line applications, now have the ability to easily integrate into a wireless system. Manufacturers no longer have to struggle with ladder logic software in order to connect Microscan barcode scanners into their automated manufacturing system.
Motorola Readers Motorola Readers
Motorola is an industry-leader in data capture technology that tailors to various industries, including retail, manufacturing, transportation and logistics, hospitality, and healthcare. With a comprehensive product offering, Motorola is capable of being your one-stop shop for barcode scanners, handheld computers, RFID readers, tablets, and wireless access points/controllers. Check out our top products and full portfolio of Motorola equipment.
Symbol Readers Symbol Readers
Symbol Technologies offers a comprehensive range of technologies, products, partnerships and support necessary to provide integrated industry-specific data management systems. The building blocks in this process are barcode laser scanning, hand-held computers and wireless LANs - the three essential elements needed to transform data into action.
Unitech Readers Unitech Readers
Unitech design, manufacture and distribute barcode scanners and data collection products. Unitech products range from barcode wands to sophisticated data collection terminals.
Applications include inventory control, fixed asset management, time & attendance, point of sale, courier, and any other activity that requires tracking.
Wasp Readers Wasp Readers
Wasp is a leading provider of barcode software and hardware, aimed at automating pen and paper processes for small businesses. With over 500,000 installs worldwide, Wasp has a reputation for delivering world class products. See below for their full portfolio of Wasp barcode label software, asset tracking softwareinventory management software, time tracking software, barcode scanners, handheld computers, and barcode label printers.
CipherLab Readers CipherLab Readers
CipherLab is a world leader in AIDC solutions for a wide range of industries. CipherLab's expertise is at the convergence of scanning, mobile computing, and business process design. The results? More efficient supply chains, field sales services, retail operation and reduced cost of doing business in almost every sector. Their skilled network of reliable partners delivers successful solutions to small, medium and enterprise businesses that chose CipherLab for value, performance and quality.
Zebra Readers Zebra Readers
Zebra Technologies Corporation is the world's leading provider of thermal transfer and direct thermal barcode label printers, secure card printing systems, plastic card printers, supplies and barcoding integration and label design software for automatic identification and plastic card personalization applications.
AirTrack Readers AirTrack Readers
AirTrack is an industry-leading manufacturer of enterprise asset intelligence hardware that enable businesses to capture and manage data about their assets, people, and transactions to improve productivity and provide an enhanced customer experience in a variety of industries, including retail, manufacturing, transportation and logistics, hospitality, warehousing, and others. AirTrack's technology portfolio of scanners and printers, as well as fully compatible labels and ribbon, incorporate industry-leading capabilities at highly competitive price points and fully backed by robust warranty service.
Related Categories
Mobile Computers Mobile Computers
Barcode Planet carries a wide variety of handheld computers from top brands such as Motorola, Honeywell, Datalogic, Intermec, Unitech, AML and many more. Our mobile barcode scanners come integrated with 1D (Laser) or 2D (Imager) barcode technology, and with your choice of a Windows or Android operating system. Whether you're looking for portable data terminals, tablets, or barcode scanners, we have the products that are right for your business. Browse our full selection of handheld computers below.
Inventory Software Inventory Software
Inventory software is ideal for businesses in a warehouse, retail, or small business environment. You can bundle our barcode inventory software with a barcode scanner or other barcode equipment for a complete inventory management system solution. Browse our selection of inventory software below from top brands like Wasp and RedBeam. For a free trial demo of our software contact one of our sales representatives.
Readers Industrial Barcode Readers
Fixed mount barcode scanners are flexible, hands-free devices that are often used in kiosks and conveyor systems. Additionally, fixed barcode scanners are used for applications such as boarding pass scanning, parcel dimension scanning, and pharmaceutical tracking. Check out our full line of fixed barcode scanners below for 1D, 2D, rugged, and non-rugged devices, or contact one of our representatives for a volume discount.
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